Boxidian is a super-basic construction toy that allows you to unleash your creativity to new levels. It consists of only two kinds of elements - block and bolt:

But enables the constructions to be connected in all three dimensions:

This makes constructions like these very easy to make:

And this dragon takes a minute and only 29 blocks to be build:

You don't need to make everything out of Boxidian blocks. With the help of the interface blocks:

You can connect your construction with a LEGOTM compatible construction with ease:

Wanna try Boxidian? Until sets are available for sale, you can download the 3D models (as .STL files) of the block and the bolt, multiply and slice them in your 3D printer slicing software, and print it at home - the starter kit consists of 30 blocks and 50 bolts.

And the interface blocks (male and female to LEGOTM block) are available here.
And here is the technical drawing of the Boxidian parts.

Have fun!