Devet has versions for various computer platforms : from desktop and notebook computers, to pocket computers
 and mobile phones. Just choose the platform you have and downlaod the game for free *.
       You can also check the versions history.
       If the link is not active, this means that the project is in progress - check the site soon !

       Devet for personal computers running Windows, MacOS, Linux and BeOS :
       - Devet 1.3 for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP;
       - Devet 1.3 for Linux on Intel x86. If you don't have SDL and SDL Mixer, download from the links;
       - Devet 1.3 for FreeBSD is actually the Linux version from above. Read HERE how to run it.
       - Devet 1.3 for BeOS 5;
       - Devet 1.3 for MacOS X;

       Python version of Devet - you need Python and PyGame to run it:
       - pyDevet 1.0 Python version - runs on every Python/Pygame supported platform;

       JavaScript version of Devet, in case your OS is not still supported :
       - Devet 1.0 browser version;

       Devet for mobile phones and other small computer devices with J2ME support :
       - Devet 1.4 for Nokia mobile phones - the JAD and JAR files;
       - Devet 1.4 for Siemens, Motorola, Sharp, Samsung, SonyEricsson, RIM, etc. - the JAD and JAR files;
       * You can download the game OTA, by visiting the WAP page directly with the phone.
       The new version 1.4 supports flicker-free animation for devices without doublebuffer and touchscreen devices.

       Devet for personal digital assistents - PDA :
       - Devet 1.0 for CASIO Pocket Viewer;
       - Devet 1.4 for PALM OS - if you need JVM with MIDP profile, download it HERE;
       - Devet 1.4 for Symbian / UIQ (SE P800/P900/P910);
       - Devet 1.4 for Symbian / Series60 devices (Nokia n-Gage, 6600, 3650);
       - Devet 1.0 for PocketPC 2003 (not tested on PocketPC 2002);

       It is possible to play Devet without computer, by printing THIS image, and cutting the pieces.

    * Check the copyrights section for more information.