- Introduction;
     - Rules;
     - Screenshots;
     - Downloads;
     - Credits;

-== Introduction ==-

     Once upon a time, there was two Pokeles - a girl and a boy. They was singles. There was a free house for living. Now all you should do is to help them to find the way home and to find each other. Of course, this is what you should do to play the game, it is not necessary to make them grateful to you.
     POKELE is an unique arcade / puzzle game with single-key control and funny graphics. According to novadays criteria of art, triangle characters with round house are not even weird :)

-== Rules ==-

     The goal of each level is to put both pokeles in the house ( the green ball ). You can change the direction of movement with single press of Fire/OK button, but beware - each change costs you 10 score points. If your score becomes less than zero, you lose the game. Also, beware of the open shaft - your pokele can fall and hurt. You should guide the second pokele to the house for less than some hits in the walls (this number depends of the level - at the beginning it's 15). If you can not let both pokeles in, before the hit counter becomes zero, your first pokele leaves the house and your score becomes half. Too bad for your record :)

-== Screenshots ==-

     The screenshots are taken by the Nokia Series60 version :

ScreenShot 0
The splash screen (and maybe menu).

ScreenShot 1
Two freelancers. Make them a couple :)

ScreenShot 2
You should guide the pokele-girl to the house in no more than 11 hits. And beware the shaft !

-== Downloads ==-

     Download the JAD and JAR for Series60. Compatible with Nokia 7650, 3650, 6600, n-Gage / QD, Siemens SX1, Sendo X (for full list of compatible devices, visit the Series60 website).

     !!! NEW !!!
     - PyPOKELE for Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc;
     Powered by Python and PyGame. Source code distribution.

-== Credits ==-

     POKELE is an original game by Jordan Tuzsuzov. The gameplay as well as the coding and art are copyright of Jordan Tuzsuzov, 2004.
     POKELE seems to be copyrighted freeware. You can play and redistribute the game, but without the copyright violation.

-== Fan Shop ==-


Hehe, one day, who knows ... ;)

(c) 2004, Jordan Tuzsuzov